Keyboard – Steve Duff

Steve Duff Keyboardist for the Remainders Classic Rock Band out of La Crosse, Wisconsin

Music Background

What’s your background, history in music?

I began playing on a Magnus Chord Organ, given to me by my mother, at the age of 18 months and have never stopped.Young Steve_Duff

What was your first band?

“The Journey Big Band”. I was 15 and played a trombone.

Why did you start playing the keyboard?

As a child, it was fun, challenging and entertaining.

Later, I temporarily filled a spot in a band until a “real” keyboardist could be found.

That was in 1979. They still haven’t found anyone.

Who is your favorite keyboard player?

Dennis Roesler

Who would you like to play keyboards with some time?

Hal Atkinson…one more time.

Who was your favorite band or artist when you were growing up? Who is your favorite today?

Sorry, I can’t narrow it down to one. Let’s go with Elton John, Frank Zappa and Isao Tomita.

Today’s favorite? Klaus Schulze.

Yesterday’s favorite was “Lights Of Babylon.”


What is your favorite song?

That’s another tough question to answer, but “Love Alone” by Utopia has to be high on the list. (The world needs more waltzes.)

What was the first concert you attended? What was the last concert you attended?

The Stan Kenton Orchestra in West Salem. 1976?

Dave Marck and Friends Sept. 2014 at Viterbo Fine Arts Center.

Do you have any regrets in music?

Do you mean besides being a better player? Not really. I’m quite happy with the opportunities offered, and the musicians I’ve been able to work with.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?


Personal Background

What’s your day job?

President/Service Tech/Bookkeeper/Head of Complaints at Duff Heating Inc.

Who is in your family?

Wife Julie and sons Nicolas, Michael and Bryan.

What is your favorite food?


What is your favorite vacation spot?

Nerja, Espana

What is your pet peeve?

The phrase “hot water heater”.

What is your motto?

“I’ll just be over here.”

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

English is my second language.