Lead Vocals / Guitar – Andy Temte

Andy Temte is the product of a musical family. His mother Louise is a killer organist and his father Bill is an excellent vocalist. At the ripe old age of 9, he started performing in stage productions at Viterbo Theatre, and by age 10, he was a charter member of the La Crosse Boychoir under the direction of Dan Johnson-Wilmot. His time in the Boychoir was invaluable to crafting his skills as a vocalist at a very young age. This was a very good thing, because as every parent knows, Andy “knew it all” by the time he became a teenager.

At age 14, Andy joined his first rock band with Paul Leithold, Mark White, and Kirk McIlraith (Easy Street). The experience of smoking Swisher Sweets and drinking the occasional Blatz Cream Ale after proms and winter carnivals while riding home in Leithold’s pickup truck scarred him for life.

At 16, Andy joined up with Jeff Smith in Aurora. By this time, the rock and roll bug had bitten Andy and, like most musicians his age, he was convinced he was going to be a star! Well, after 5 years of slugging it out in smoky bars, a lightening bolt hit him and convinced him to go back to school and “get a life.”

Well, at 21, Andy did get a life, got hitched to the woman of his dreams (Linda), and went back to school – for nine years. Two wonderful boys (Brandon and Nick), a minivan (hey – at least it was the “Sport” version!), and a Ph.D. later, life was good but rock and roll was a missing ingredient. The Remainders represents the perfect mixture of camaraderie and therapy for Andy to ensure an effective work/life balance.