The Remainders” were formed in the fall of 2003 to play one gig – the 25th La Crosse Central High School class reunion. Three of the five original band members were 1978 classmates – Kurt Schuldes [guitar], Ed Overholt [bass], and Beth Temte [vocals] – hence, the name “The Remainders” (i.e., what’s left over from the class of ’78). It was evident that night that old cross-town rivalries finally subsided after 25 years (or maybe everyone is just too old to care), because Steve Duff [keyboards] is actually a leftover from the La Crosse Logan class of ’77.

In the summer of 2004, Beth relinquished vocal duties to her younger brother Andy [lead vocals, rhythm guitar]. Although he claims to be shy, Andy has worked his whole life to steal the stage from Beth.

Percussionist Mark Kennedy kept the beat since that first gig in 2003 and in December of 2012, percussionist Josh Shively stepped in behind the drum kit following Mark’s retirement from the band in November 2012.

In September of 2014, Kurt Schuldes retired from the lead guitar and Johnny Nielsen stepped into the lineup in his place.

Although The Remainders seek to put smiles on the faces of music lovers everywhere, the true objective of the band is to provide therapy to a bunch of older working stiffs that need to keep their heads screwed on straight. When you watch The Remainders live, you’ll be looking at 5 guys who truly just want to have fun and are enjoying every minute and every note.

The Remainders have put together a unique playlist which is composed of ballads, dance tunes, and good ol’ power rock. During the band’s early years, wouldn’t play songs that were less than 20 years old, but we are now living proof that you can teach old dogs new tricks and we’ve added several modern rock tunes to the list.

Our motto is: “We Don’t Play ‘Freebird,'” so guys (and you know who you are), put your lighters away because we will never, ever, ever play ‘Freebird.’ Our other motto is: “Fun, Philanthropic, High Energy Midlife Crisis in Action” which means we do everything we can to support the community that has given each of us so much over the years and we have a ball doing it.

There’s a wild rumor that we don’t charge for our shows – not true – if you want us to play at your wedding and deal with your dad screaming at Matt our sound engineer to turn it down, that’ll cost you big $$$$!

So what do you get when you come watch The Remainders play? Great rock and roll delivered to you with heart, soul, and a warm smile.